Anne and her niece BJ shared a true love for life. After moving back to Ohio, BJ and Anne grew very close and shared many great adventures including memorable trips to West Virginia enjoying the casino and the beautiful scenery. Anne had a love for dancing, especially the Jitter bug, watching birds and thunderstorms, flowers,  playing cards and slot machines.

At first Anne and BJ were nervous about contacting Community Hospice for services, but it didn’t take long for them to find comfort in the support provided to them. They regained hope that even though Anne’s health was declining, that she could still enjoy life to its fullest. BJ shared that Anne was also a caregiver to her husband and the assistance we were able to provided allowed her to continue to meet the needs of both the people she loved.

The Hospice Team wanted to do something special for Anne and BJ, so they enjoyed a euchre party provided by the Betty’s Gift Fund.  BJ stated that her aunt was so excited and truly enjoyed Geri Newell,  Volunteer, Jill Albaugh, RN and Heidi Nelson, Aide spending time with her. They enjoyed a delicious lunch and conversation with many laughs, but then it got serious, as the two teams paired up and started playing euchre.

Jill and her partner Geri turned out to be tough to beat, but Anne and BJ didn’t give up.  There was much joking and laughter during the games. At the end of the party,  Anne said we were all welcome back as long as we would play euchre. After Anne’s passing,  BJ stated that  “hospice is for the living and not the dead and you guys gave her an extra year of her life.  My whole family thanks you all.”